Suresh Mehra is the Founder and Managing Director of Rabsa Solutions. Suresh started Rabsa in February 2015, just as the company was embarking on its journey of field service and skill growth.
Suresh has been at the forefront of Rabsa transformation from a traditional services provider, largely based in Hyderabad, to a truly diversified services provider – offering a broad range of skill development programs and field services.
With 29 years of experience in the global telecom industry, Suresh has an impressive track record in developing business strategies and creating fast growth teams across the country. Prior to joining Rabsa, he was an Associate Vice President with Tata group of companies where he served from 1998-2014 where he was responsible for Customer Service Management, Product Marketing, and sales. During the tenure in Tata’s, Suresh has played an important role in establishing the Telecom network by offering his contributions in the areas of Planning, Deployment and Operations & management. From 19989 to 1998, Suresh worked with the Department of Telecom, Govt. of India as an installation engineer. During his stint, Suresh was Acclaimed as the top performer during his career and lauded for his dynamic, innovative thinking.
Suresh epitomized the entrepreneurial spirit always on the march to change the destiny of the community. Suresh is an Electronics Engineer by training and is a vivid Techno-Commercial with a flair for oratory and teaching skills.